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Wiśniowa Polana

About us

Wiśniowa Polana is a picturesque corner located in the very center of the Karkonosze Mountains. Thanks to the unique atmosphere of the campsite, you can easily enjoy the fresh air, singing birds and the gentle sound of the river.


We are convinced that you will spend unforgettable moments with us.


Amenities and services


Spacious camping site

Depending of disposal, we give you a choice of where to stay. Location in the shade, or maybe next to the river? Our resort offers a wide range of possibilities.

Attractions for the youngest

We pay a lot of attention to the opinions of our youngest guests. That is why we are putting into use a colorful playground, game zone and a football field.

Occasionally, we also organize events

with the participation of animators.

Olympic swimming pool

What definitely distinguishes us from the competition is the full-size Olympic swimming pool. Thanks to three separate depth zones, each of our guests will find their own space.

"Great, well-maintained campsite 
with a beautiful view of the
 Karkonosze Mountains."


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